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Furniture Chamber of Commerce Investigating Wall Street, Furniture & Mattress firms.

Furniture Chamber of Commerce

An investigation is now underway, by the Furniture Chamber of Commerce, into the greed and unethical practices of Wall Street furniture and mattress firms. Over 1000 members across the United States are compiling information. Upon completion of the investigation, a grassroots PR campaign will be launched that will include educating the local public about unethical & fraudulent practices and the benefits for the local economy, if people boycott doing business with Wall Street mattress firms.

The investigation highlights some of the unethical tactics being employed: selling used mattresses as new, bait and switch tactics, misleading lowest price guarantees, lying, inflated MSRPs, and inflated delivery & frame charges, but claiming it’s free.

In addition to thousands of verified complaints confirmed on various consumer websites, the FCC has uncovered undercover footage from NewsChannel 5 in Tennessee that is one of many exposes on what is going on with Wall Street Mattress Firms around the United States.

The findings seem to say, that the majority of the illegal practices occur, primarily in firms that offer "in-home" trials. What makes it worse is customers that return the used mattresses had to pay outrageous additional fees to upgrade to a better mattress and are greatly inconvenienced.

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