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Wayfair Introduces Athena to Europe

E-commerce retailer Wayfair (NYSE: W) has rolled out its proprietary search engine marketing platform in Europe.

Known as Athena, the platform was built in-house by Wayfair’s engineering, data science, and marketing teams and has been the backbone of the online retailer’s search engine success in the U.S. and a driver of revenue growth for the business.

“With the development and deployment of Athena in the U.S., Wayfair has dramatically improved its ability to reach customers across a long tail of search terms, bring those customers to the products they are searching for, and, as a result, drive greater revenue and profitability,” said Ed Macri, chief product and marketing officer. “We are adapting the platform for Europe and look forward to achieving similar success as we continue to expand our business in the U.K. and Germany.”

With an extensive, ever-changing catalog of more than 7 million products, Wayfair needed a customized approach to most effectively connect with its customers through search. Athena builds on Wayfair’s big data expertise, leveraging automation and machine learning to increase return on ad spend, streamline workflows, and improve overall marketing campaign performance.

“Our 7-plus million home products and the Athena search marketing platform are a powerful combination optimized to meet the performance metrics that matter to our business,” Macri said. “We are able to easily build and manage marketing campaigns across brands and markets. We look forward to seeing Athena’s impact on our business in Europe.”

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