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Big Sandy Challenge to Help Storm Victims

Furniture retailer Big Sandy Superstore kicks off its Charity Challenge event today that will help people impacted by storms and flooding in its trading areas.

The challenge will run through Tuesday at each of the retailer’s stores in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. Big Sandy has partnered with the American Red Cross for the event.

“With stores in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia, our employees and neighbors have really been hit hard,” said Robert Vanhoose, CEO of the chain. “The flooding and devastation affected areas like Johnson County, Ky., Mineral Wells, W.Va., and others. We’re excited to partner with the Red Cross to help benefit those in need.”

The Charity Challenge is a challenge extended to anyone who is in the market for home furnishings, a new mattress, major appliances or even a new television.

Dan Evans, director of marketing for Big Sandy, describes it as a ‘discount for donations’ program.

“The customer can make a donation to the Red Cross, to benefit flood victims and others, and they’ll receive an instant rebate, or discount, off their purchase, up to $500,” he said.

Over the last two years, Big Sandy Superstores’ Charity Challenges have raised more than $30,000 for charities throughout their communities. 

“We are working with several regions of the Red Cross to assure that those local donations stay local. Confidence in that local support was a very important aspect of this event being successful,” Vanhoose said.


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