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Kingsdown Inks Partnership with South Korean Bedding Maker

Mattress supplier Kingsdown has signed a licensing deal with Navijam, a South Korean mattress manufacturer.


The company will immediately begin manufacturing and importing Kingsdown products.

The partnership is unique to Kingsdown because while the company has sold and exported product in South Korea for years, the company has never manufactured product in the country. Using the same patented testing processes as Kingsdown, Navijam will be producing a full suite of Kingsdown brands and implementing the patented Kingsdown BedMatch bedding selection system.

“We were drawn to Kingsdown Inc. because we share a common commitment to the research and testing of quality products,” said Jae Hyun Lee, Navijam chairman. “Our company is very excited to join forces with an internationally known brand that we know will succeed in South Korea.” 

Navijam, founded in 2011, is a top mattress manufacturer in South Korea and the largest mattress supplier of rental mattresses in the country. The company focuses on its customizing system, quality management, warranty service, automatic manufacturing system and its nationwide network. The company plans to open directly operated retail stores in 45 major furniture districts in South Korea, collaborating with two major department store brands, operating a total of 44 major department stores nationwide.

“As Kingsdown continues to expand we have seen great success and growth abroad through developing partnerships with foreign licensees,” said Frank Hood, Kingsdown president and CEO. “Looking to grow our brand in South Korea, we are confident that Navijam, Inc. is the right match for Kingsdown and are thrilled and eager to begin this mutually beneficial partnership. We have found a partner that not only believes in our product but also shares our company’s vision of providing retailers and their consumers with high quality product from an internationally respected brand. We are also very exciting that they will not only be importing our product but also producing it.” 

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