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FXI Research Center Celebrates 1st Birthday

Foam products producer FXI says it has realized important gains at its year-old state-of-the-art Research and Innovation Center in Aston, Pa.

Those gains have come from the development, testing and launch of new products developed by the team working in the new 28,600-square-foot facility. Keeping technology advancement at the forefront of the company’s efforts, the Research and Innovation Center pioneers the application of foam across a wide range of markets and continues to develop new testing methodologies to ensure top-of-the line specialized solutions for its customers.

“New and sustainable technologies developed and perfected in the Research and Innovation Center continue to be key to the success of FXI. It is a real game changer in our industry and a differentiator for us in terms of the level of service we can provide our customers,” said Senior Vice President, Research and Development Vincenzo Bonaddio . “Our team of technicians and professionals collaborate closely with our marketing department, customers, vendors and outside expert consultants to yield inventive solutions that result in the industry-first, best-in-class products FXI is known for.”

The Research and Innovation Center has played a key role in introducing multiple high performance products across the home furnishings, healthcare, electronics, industrial, personal care and transportation industries. The testing and research conducted by the Center’s technicians and professionals has led to the successes of recently launched products including the Body Zone and Power Play lines of medical mattresses, and the BIOS line of color-coded memory foam mattress toppers.
“Part of the reason that our company is so successful is that our talented R&D team works closely with the marketing team to develop innovative foam solutions for our business partners,” said FXI Chief Marketing Officer Diane Adams . “We combine insights learned from consumer research with the great assets of our Aston facility to drive innovation in the category. The end result makes FXI a unique foam company that ties the consumer to technology.”

The Research and Innovation Center’s current research capabilities include: analysis of the critical attributes of specialty developed foam products for fluid and energy management applications; small scale evaluations of alternative raw materials to enhance the properties of manufactured foam; durability studies of end-product applications based on heat, humidity and other environmental factors to assess longevity; and the development of new foam formulations to meet the constantly changing requirements of the diverse markets that FXI serves. The Center is currently upgrading its capabilities to perform precision fabrication and rapid prototyping through the cutting and combining of foam materials in an effort to offer enhanced constructions across industries.

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