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2012 Bedroom Review: 216 Percent All-China Rate

The U.S. Department of Commerce has imposed a 216.01 percent "all-China" duty rate on 2012 shipments of wooden bedroom furniture from the People's Republic of China.

One mandatory respondent to the administrative review of 2012 shipments, Tony House Group, received a separate rate of 3.25 percent; and new shipper Dongguan Chengcheng faces no duties.

The 216.01 percent rate was imposed on the other two mandatory respondents, Marvin Furniture and Shanghai Maoji, which DOC ruled had failed to establish eligibility for separate-rate status.

Twelve companies found to have made no shipments of subject merchandise subject to duties during the period of review and filed timely certifications to that effect will retain their separate rate status. Those include Clearwise, COE, Singways, Dongguan Yujia, Eurosa, Golden Well, Cadman, Sen Yeong International Co., Sen Yeong, Shenyang Shining, Strongson, Yeh Brothers and Zhejiang Tianyi.

Click here for the complete Federal Register notice of DOC's final determination in the 2012 administrative review.

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