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Carolina Mattress Guild Sells Florida Facility

Bedding supplier Carolina Mattress Guild has sold its Orlando manufacturing plant to one of its largest retailers.

The Florida-based chain Mattress1One operates more than 150 stores throughout Florida and in Houston, Texas.

Details of the transaction were not released. The production facility has been in operation since January 2009.

The sale is part of Carolina Mattress Guild's change from a promotional supplier to a mid-range and high-end luxury bedding supplier.

“This transaction allows us to narrow our focus and concentrate our efforts around the new cellular manufacturing of our luxury line, Scott & DuVal,” said Neal Grigg, CMG founder and CEO. Thus far, Scott & DuVal products have been produced exclusively in the company’s Thomasville, N.C., headquarters.

“The incredible response that we have received toward our Scott & DuVal line and other premium products that we have introduced really necessitated a completely new outlook with regard to quality manufacturing," Grigg said. "We have innumerable opportunities in front of us with remarkable potential, and we feel as though we are at the beginning of something great.”

The sale also fits in with the company's commitment to opening another facility to better serve retailers in the Northeast. While a specific location for a new northern operation has not yet been determined, the company has said that the search is concentrating on the greater New Jersey area.

Current customers that have been serviced by the Florida facility will now receive orders from the Thomasville headquarters.

“We are truly excited about the growing possibilities that lie in front of Carolina Mattress Guild, and we are looking forward to rising further up the ranks as one of the top quality manufacturers on the East Coast,” Grigg said.

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