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Furniture Training Co. Offers Tablet Lessons

Looking for a way to boost proficiency of sales associates using tablets to sell? The Furniture Training Co. has a solution.

The online training company is offering a module, "Using Tablets to Enhance your Sales". The training offers interactive skills training and teaches sales associates how to use tablets to be more successful in retail selling.

Like the other multimedia training modules available on the FTC website, the training consists of a fully narrated multimedia interactive learning presentation, confidence building worksheet activities, and a graded test. Store owners and managers monitor sales associates training progress and test scores 24/7.

“More and more retailers are providing their sales staff with smart tablets or allowing their use on the sales floor," said Mark Lacy, president of Furniture Training Co. "Yet until now, few retailers have been able to show their salespeople how to make these mobile devices essential tools for better assisting shoppers to become customers and buying more furniture. This new training does just that. By completing the new training on using tablets to enhance their sales, associates will be able to more easily engage “just looking” customers in sales conversations, better assess shoppers home furnishing needs and wants, make more powerful and convincing product demonstrations, provide better after sales follow-up, and more easily obtain referrals from satisfied customers.”

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