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New APRO President Eager to Promote ShopRTO

The incoming president of the Association of Progressive Rental Organizations wants to continue promoting the organization's consumer website ShopRTO.

Gary Ferriman, owner of 15-store chain Showplace Rent-To-Own in Marion, Ohio, said the association's site built for consumers helps boost awareness of the RTO industry.

“RTO stores have been improving steadily for the past few years and consumers need to know that," Ferriman said. " is helping bring more awareness about our rent-to-own stores to bring in new customers. If you have never shopped us or haven't shopped us in a while, you may get a very positive surprise."

Launched in February 2013, ShopRTO continues to grow with 150 articles and a weekly newsletter. Google Analytics show the rent-to-own store locator page is the site's top page.

Analytics also show that the most visited pages are those that explain the unique aspects the rent-to-own transaction provides when obtaining home furnishings.

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