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Green Economy vs. Blue Economy

Businesses and governments are evaluating options for lowering their carbon footprint and the increasing costs of sustainable energy supplies.

The United Nation’s ‘Sustainable Energy for All’ initiative adds weight to the growing voice pushing low-carbon ‘green’ growth over conventional ‘brown’ development and its heavy reliance on fossil fuels. However, with the high upfront investment costs associated with most environment-friendly technologies pushing this out of the reach of many countries that really need it, perhaps it’s time to consider a different approach to sustainable energy.  A new “blue” economy focuses on investing less and innovating more.

The United Nations recently confirmed that billions of people worldwide continue to lack access to reliable, clean and affordable energy. Since the uptake of sustainable technologies cannot rely forever on the offer of heavy assistance from wealthier parts of the world, and with government subsidies limited, the opportunity to “go green” remains the privilege of only a few.

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