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Jay Reardon in Partnership with Chaddock

Jay Reardon, former president of Hickory Chair since 1996, and with the company for 32 years, has joined Chaddock  as chairman of the executive committee and member of board of directors.

The position was created specifically for Reardon to take advantage of his industry expertise, the company said.

As consultant “at large,” Reardon will advise, in partnership with Tom Powell, Chaddock president, in implementing Chaddock’s growth and development plan.

“We couldn’t be more honored to have Jay as part of the Chaddock family," Powell said. "Jay’s work at Hickory Chair in reinvigorating the product assortment, pioneering the concept of branded designer collections, and spearheading a movement toward lean manufacturing and American-made craftsmanship, falls right in line with our mission at Chaddock. We welcome collaboration and new voices. It will be an honor to work with Jay.”

Reardon’s partnership is immediate. Reardon is the principal of Reardon Advisors, a company he founded following his departure from Hickory Chair after Heritage Home acquired Furniture Brands at a bankruptcy auction.

“I realized that the team at Chaddock had the same shared vision that I look for in business collaborations," Reardon said. "I saw that I could make a difference here and that my experience would be valuable. I so admired Chaddock’s mission: they invest in technology and in people. Everyone is in it for the long haul. I see in Chaddock what I had felt from the beginning of my career in this business; this is a both a personable and a profitable industry—business continues to grow and people matter. American-made, artisanal furnishings have a lucrative future. And, we have a shared interest in making great things for the home that people can customize for their personal style and needs. That is something from which I’m not yet ready to walk away.”

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