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InnoMax Likes Full Disclosure

Air and water bed vendor InnoMax has moved forward with the mattress contents disclosure of its eco-friendly and organic sleep system components.

Last year, InnoMax, a member of the Specialty Sleep Association, introduced the  Air Cell in conjunction with the efforts of the SSA and The Air Cell was reviewed by third party organizations and received the registrations necessary to qualify for the SSA Environmental and Safety Seal in addition to being registered in Bedfax.

In recent years, consumers have experienced "green-washing," with some mattress companies making unsubstantiated claims concerning natural, “green,” or organic products.

According to Innomax, the Air Cell's success has shown consumers are willing to pay more to have products they believe they can trust for the integrity of environment-friendliness claims.

Since the successful introduction of the Air Cell, InnoMax has introduced the Nouveau, which like the Air Cell, meets the qualifications of displaying the contents label required by the SSA Environmental and Safety Program, while at the same time it is positioned to hit popular retail price points.

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