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Pure Latexbliss Joins Slavery Awareness Campaign

By Home Furnishings Business in Community/Charitable Support on May 9, 2013

Luxury mattress brand Pure Latexbliss has joined the €œEnd It€ campaign to raise awareness about modern-day slavery.

In addition prominently displaying signage outside its showroom at High Point Furniture Market, the company has added the movement€™s logos to its Web site and will offer its retailers an opportunity to get involved, providing those that request it with posters for their showroom floors.

The goal of the €œEnd It€ campaign and that of Pure Latexbliss is to raise awareness that slavery still exists. The campaign€™s Web site, educates readers that today 27 million men, women and children are working as slaves in 161 countries, including the United States. The enslaved are forced to work in factories, quarries and brothels, victims of human trafficking. The campaign notes that one of the first steps to stopping modern-day slavery is to share the message of its existence. That prompted the campaign€™s creation of a €œRed X€ logo to serve as a conversation-starter, and it is quickly becoming ubiquitous with the goal of ending slavery.

€œWhen we learned about this crisis we felt compelled to act and to join the conversation. What€™s unique about this movement is that we€™re not calling for money, we want your voice instead. Raising awareness is the first step to eradicating modern day slavery,€ said Pure Latexbliss President Kurt Ling. €œWe will continue to display our Red X logo at all furniture markets and we€™re happy to create that same poster for our dealers who feel called to action. One year from now I believe we€™ll look around and see this Red X everywhere.€

To join the €œEnd It€ movement, manufacturers and retailers can go to to download a free digital tool kit that includes an action guide with logos and fact-sheets as well as files to create and print posters and educational cards.

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