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September 2016 Issue

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E-Commerce – Is the Tsunami Over?

One of the most discussed issues in the industry today is the internet and the impact this new distribution channel is having on traditional ‘brick and mortar’ retailing.

What Sells: Dreamy Bedrooms

The Bedroom category (master bedroom and adult bedroom furnishings) has been climbing steadily in annual sales over the last five years.

Statistically Speaking: The Rise of E-Commerce in Furniture Manufacturing and the Merchant Wholesale Trade

Mention furniture and home furnishings sales sold via the internet, and the focus immediately turns to B2C retailing (business-to-consumer).

Coach's Corner: How Can the Internet Support and Enhance your Selling Effort?

Probably the single greatest impact on the entire retail landscape since the turn of this century has come from the introduction, growth and evolution of the Internet as both a research/educational tool and retail distribution channel.

Editor's Note: Dog Days Of Summer

As a boy growing up in North Carolina I well understood the “dog days of summer” when it was too hot and humid to move too far from the porch and a pitcher of lemonade.

So You Want to Start an E-Commerce Business?

With online sales continuing to be the primary driver of growth within the home furnishing sector (and all other sectors, for that matter), it's a natural inclination for single or multi-store retailers to aggressively expand into e-commerce or, if they are already online (and who isn't?), to contemplate a significant capital investment in upgrading their virtual presence.

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