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Sep/Oct 2020 Issue

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Hey, I thought you were a loyal customer!

The impact of being declared “non-essential” retailing was a shock to traditional furniture retailers.


What a rollercoaster ride! If not the nation, the furniture industry has had a “V recovery.”

Pandemic Slows Flow of International Goods

The disruption of international trade has been another economic side effect of the pandemic as furniture imports and exports have fallen to lower levels this year.

Uplifting Upholstery

When the whole family is at home working, learning, and living, there is no better place to relax together than the family room where a plush sofa or sectional is sure to be found.

Recovery for Furniture Stores The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The good—currently lots of people want to buy our products After being cooped up in their homes for weeks, many consumers decided they needed to improve their living environment and started to search for solutions.

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