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May 2019 Issue

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That Can’t Be Right!

There is a television commercial for a phone carrier that depicts a party with consumers serving themselves at a casserole buffet using their fingers as scoops to sample and fill their plates – a disturbing scene with the tag line, “That can’t be right.” This depiction in essence sums it up for me.

Nothing Happens Until You Sell Something

While the industry is growing nicely, all sectors of the distribution channel are not sharing in the prosperity.

Consumer Confidence Slows in the First Quarter

Consumer Confidence as measured by The Conference Board has been showing the first signs of stress over the last few months, coinciding with the government shutdown last December and January and fluctuations in the financial markets.

What Should My Sales Manager Be Doing?

One of the questions we get most often when discussing sales management is “what should my sales manager be doing?”

If It’s Wood, You Know It’s Good

The industry already knows that the term “solid wood” was once thrown around so casually that the phrase lost nearly all meaning during the rush of imports in the onset of the 2000s.

Take 5: Neil McKenzie, Universal Furniture

How does a brand known for being "good" become known as one that's "great"? That has been Universal Furniture's task as they've evolved over the past decade.




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