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May 2013 Issue

May 2013 Cover | FurnitureCore | HFB

Hail to Market!

I never aspired to become a writer and sometimes find it difficult coming up with the words to put in my monthly column. However, it’s a duty that comes with being publisher of Home Furnishings Business magazine. I’ve tried to...

From the Editor : Retail Math 101

Numbers don’t lie, or do they? I’m a wordsmith, not a math whiz. Even given that, I know the basic numbers that are important in the business of furniture. Customers are steadily in your store or stores; employees busy and...

Marketing 101 : Traffic Conversion

Getting ups today is not good enough to grow your sales. Converting impressions into contact information is how you grow your sales....

Numbers That Count

“There are lies, there are damned lies—and then there are statistics.”...

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