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July/August 2017 Issue

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Cover Story: Forty Under 40: A Purpose Driven Mission

Having been raised in the Information Age, Millennials are the most tech-savvy generation yet.

Publisher's Note: Our Secret Weapon

This month our focus is on those individuals who will ultimately lead each of their respective companies into the future.

Statistically Speaking: Consumer Spending Today: Healthcare and Homes

Although Healthcare spending still leads the way, durable goods, including Furniture and Home Furnishings products, have steadily increased their share of post-recession consumer dollars since 2009.

What Sells: Trendwood’s Story: From Waterbeds to Bunk Beds

Phoenix-based Trendwood, now a major player in youth furniture, got its start in 1985 in an entirely different furniture category – waterbed furniture.

What Sells: Youth Furniture: A Study of Storage and Sleep

Parents and grandparents often recoil at the notion of spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on furniture that a child may outgrow in a few years.

Coach's Corner: Our Mission Represents a Higher Calling Than We Think

At a recent management meeting with one of my clients, we were discussing how to help younger new hires understand that they could develop a very lucrative and rewarding career with us in retail.

Take 5: A Conversation with Bob Sherman

In October 2013, Bob Sherman stunned the mattress industry when he resigned as CEO of Serta, the nation’s largest-selling mattress brand




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