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January 2016 Issue 

January 2016 Cover


Tempted by the Fruit

Temptation is as old as the world itself, and it remains a powerful draw in all aspects of life.

What Sells: Dream Big

No other home furnishings item gets more use in the home than a mattress. Even if, as studies show, consumers are woefully sleep deprived, people spend more time in their beds than on any other piece of furniture.

Statistically Speaking: Housing on the Move

People are again jumping into the housing market and that could spark furniture sales. Nothing spurs a furniture purchase like a move to another home. It can be young people renting a first apartment, first-time homebuyers, or individuals and families making life changes to new abodes.

Tempted by Design: Glamour to Go

Merchandising and showroom display requires much more than being able to plop furniture in a vignette and accessorize for a pretty look. There a science behind the a merchandising strategy that requires much thought and planning. Much like the process an interior designer takes creates a beautiful room or home, showroom design requires the same precision on a much larger scale.

Coach's Corner: Blueprint to Success

As a teacher and trainer I have learned over the years that breaking a targeted result down to its basic ingredients is a great way to teach a complicated subject.

Perspective: Find the Right Product Mix

Last year, the team at Martin Roberts Design re-planned and re-merchandised more than one million square feet of retail space in 30 or so stores around the country. As a retail designer, I’ve helped hundreds of store owners rethink their showrooms.

Editor's Note: Welcome to 2016

And just like that, 2016 came in with a bang that echoed throughout the furniture industry. A mere three business days into the New Year, and Hooker Furniture Corp. made one of the biggest announcements to hit the industry in the last 12 months.

Publisher's Letter: You Had Me at Product

Furniture design matters to consumers, and that’s why it is so important to get it right. The consumer price index has been stagnant for the last six years. This is great for the consumer, but not so great for the industry.

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