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February 2015 Issue 

February 2015 Cover

Tracks to a Green Space

Consumers aren’t quite committed to purchasing eco-friendly home furnishings, and pricing is a hurdle that must be cleared.

Age Shift Impacts Furniture

Major shifts are occurring in the populations and purchasing habits of the four prime purchasing age groups for the furniture industry.

Take 5: Kevin Sauder

Kevin Sauder, president and CEO of Archbold, Ohio-based Sauder Woodworking, recently took the reins as chairman of the American Home Furnishings Alliance.

What Sells: Dining In

Gathering around the table to share a great meal has become the perfect bonding experience for growing, busy families.


The latest breakdown of significant numbers and what they mean to the industry.

Publisher's Letter: Tipping Point

The term Tipping Point entered the business lexicon several years ago to describe an occurrence in the consumer sector. Made nearly famous by author Malcom Gladwell, the concept applies to the business sector as well. Simply put, tipping point is the instance of a previously rare happening becoming rapidly and dramatically more common.

Editor's Note: Small Steps

The greening of the industry is important, but consumers aren’t quite all in yet.

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