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August 2014 Issue 

August 2014 Cover

Are You a Merchant?

What Does Your Store Sell? Furniture, or Solutions That Meet Your Shoppers' Aspirations? Merchandising is an art. It’s also a vital function of a retail store’s profitability.

Retail Details: Different Strokes

Clive and Daniel Lubner didn’t sit on their hands after failing to acquire rights to the Robb & Stucky name after the retailer liquidated in 2011

Looking Good, Making Money

What are the elements for blending eye appeal and a profitable product mix on your floor? “Non-traditional” competitors for consumers’ disposable income for home furnishings such as Arhaus, Crate and Barrel and Pottery Barn...

What Sells: On the Move

Before Jim Muffi put the motion into sofas, consumers were forced to argue over the one or two bubba recliners in their family rooms when watching television.

Editor's Note: Summer Blockbuster

Summertime is here, and that can only mean one thing—movies! Well, really more than that, but in our house we make a lot of runs to the cinema for movie watching this time of the year.

Publisher's Note: Missing Merchants

In the furniture industry, we have a title that doesn’t appear on any organizational chart, but that title is understood in the daily course of business. That title is merchant. Everyone understands and respects that title. Often the success or failure of an....

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