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April 2013 Issue

June 2013 Cover | FurnitureCore | HFB

Changing Channels

It doesn’t look as if there’s any end in sight for new consumer alternatives to traditional home furnishings stores....

From the Editor : Prepare to Win

As of press time, the country was just going into the Final Four weekend of March Madness of the NCAA championship. The four teams—Louisville, Wichita State, Michigan and Syracuse—have made their way to Atlanta, soon to be followed by ardent...

On Bedding : Going the Extra Mile(s)

Here’s one you probably don’t hear often: Imagine a store that, when it doesn’t have what a customer is looking for, refers them to a competing retailer....

Publisher's Letter : Who’s Your Competition?

So, who are your competitors? Seriously, think about this a minute before reading further, list them in your head. You probably named the traditional retailers in your area, but did you think of your local grocer or drug store? They...

Mobile Revolution

Got a smartphone? Next time you have a few minutes, run a search on the App Store for “shopping apps.”...

Come Out Swinging

Home furnishings retailers are getting back into fighting trim versus survival mode as the economy returns to some sense of normalcy....

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