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Restonic Receives Another Women's Choice Award

Top 10 bedding manufacturer Restonic, Buffalo, N.Y., has received the Women’s Choice Award for the second year in a row.

Based on hundreds of calls made to previous Restonic customers (conducted by third party, WomenCertfied) 94 percent of those who’ve bought a Restonic mattress would happily recommend the brand to friends and family.

“We’re truly honored by the Women’s Choice Award,” said Ron Passaglia, President and CEO of Restonic. “We listen closely to what women want, from product construction to customer service to our hiring practices and it’s good to know we got the signals right.”

When it comes to buying for the home, more than 90 percent of women invest into research before the shopping begins, mostly online. As women are heavy users of social media (especially in regards to communicating with brands) having a strong digital strategy that’s focused on customer service allows companies to create connections long before the point of purchase; and after the purchase, the relationship can transform customers into loyal ambassadors, which is exactly what Restonic has done.

“In today’s cluttered marketplace, there’s nothing more important than authentic, trustworthy reviews,” says Delia Passi, CEO and founder of WomenCertified. “While many couples make the final purchase together, the woman tees up the brands she’s attracted to and eliminates the rest. If she doesn’t like a brand, the conversation stops there. If he doesn’t like a brand, the woman has her research to help change the conversation.”

According to one study, women’s memory works differently than men’s. They respond to emotional, rational messaging that focuses on product details. Unlike their male counterparts, their brands are hardwired to maintain social accord so positive and uplifting messages resonate more deeply than negative comparisons or associations. Brands that listen to what women want and learn to layer emotional messages with rational information will have stronger “sticking” power.

Restonic’s commitment to listening to women is evident in the recent appointment of Julia Rosien as a top level female executive in the company.

“The best advice I was given, was to lead by listening to your employees, customers and competition and it’s a joy to work for a company that invests so much into listening,” said Rosien.

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