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Color Me Teal in 2014

Things are going to be a deeper shade of teal for 2014, according to AkzoNobel's ColourFutures forecast.


The global paint and coatings company outlined its 2014 colors under the umbrella of "Unlocking Potential".

Teal was chosen as the color of the year by a panel of international color experts assembled by AkzoNobel's global aesthetic enter. 

The blue-green hue was chosen because of the popularity of both blue and green, and the mid-tone color of teal represents "balance as well as sophistication, tranquility and versatility."

the ColourFutures report also outlines five color design trends for interior and exterior decor.

1. Silent Revolution: A subtle palette, using slight shifts in hue and tone to create delicate combinations of tinted white and neutral mid tones. This palette gives a restful and silent effect that showcases the trend’s use of texture and natural materials.

2. Urban Folk: This palette is alive with friendly and robust shades that feel familiar, and yet at the same time look new. The colors of this palette are inspired by the shade of a cross-stich pattern, the bright ornamentation of Russian dolls, the light and cheery decoration of Scandinavia as well as the sumptuous fabrics of India, South America and China.

3. Margin of Proof: This palette was inspired by how we map our fast-paced lives. This is a mature and measured neutral palette accented with colors such as bright teal, scarlet and ochre, which complement natural materials like dark wood, marble, cork and concrete.

4. Secret Garden: The Secret Garden palette is romantic, poetic and curious, with misty shades adding a subtle veil of surprise to create a feminine, yet enigmatic effect. It is filled with soft, smoky tones of green and lilac. 

5. Do It Now: This high-octane palette is an energetic medley of colors where anything goes. This is a palette that creates a riot of colors, where there is something for everyone.

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