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Will Hipsters Revitalize High Point?

Ryan Saunders seems an unlikely character to take on the revitalization of downtown High Point. He's young, energetic and full of fresh ideas to make the Southern town into a hip, bustling city at times other than market.

Ryan Saunders would seem to be an unlikely leader of the tactical urbanism movement in High Point, going on outward appearances.

He pulled up outside the Green Door Wheel Works bike shop on West English Road in a late-model black Jeep 4-by-4 wearing shorts and a neon-green T-shirt displaying the Eiffel Tower with the slogan “Ball so hard” on a recent Thursday evening. The attire made sense, considering that he’d come from a kickball game in Greensboro.

Initially, he and some friends had planned to pick up a temporary lounge assembly fashioned from cable spools and palettes at the bike shop and move it to a parking lot next to a building with a colorful frog mural in downtown High Point.

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Source: Yes! Weekly

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