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By Home Furnishings Business in High Point on March 2007 Premarket Plan Ruffles Feathers

I would like to share with you my reaction to the news about the new pre market, which was reported in your respective email editions today.

While I would enthusiastically support this event, I am frankly appalled at the exclusionary nature that this seems to be taking on. I really can€™t find a common denominator among the €œinvited€ exhibitors, other than the effrontery to think they can get away with this without a protest. Quite frankly, unless this plan is modified soon, I am going to raise all the hell I can about it.

Best Regards,

David Ballard


PRIMO Designs

The following is David€™s e-mail to Brian Casey.

Dear Mr. Casey,

As a longtime High Point exhibitor, (since 1985, and 15 years in Hickory, N.C., before that) I have been more than supportive of this market, and your recent efforts in particular. I think that you have recognized, and to some degree, met, the challenges posed by Las Vegas. (For the record, I exhibit there as well.)

More to the point, as a showroom tenant in the Center Point complex with 20,000 square feet, I have certainly paid my share through the old and new showroom tax to the operation of your organization.

In addition, I have a large office and warehouse in High Point, employ a number of people, am a local homeowner (I live right around the corner from you). Thus a percentage of my business and personal tax dollars also go to the funding of the Market Authority.

How then do you think I feel when I hear about this €œexclusive€ group of exhibitors €œinvited€ to participate in a newly revitalized premarket. (by the way, I€™m all for it) Looking at the list, what could possibly be the criteria for €œchoosing€ this particular group of €œinvitees€? Volume? Where€™s Ashley? Prestige? Where€™s Henredon and Century? The list isn€™t even limited to IHFC and MMPI tenants€”several show elsewhere€”Trademasters, Huntington, RiversEdge, others. I can assure you, I put more money in your coffers than several names on your roster.

Why should not my company, and any other permanent exhibitors who choose to do so, have the same opportunity to utilize our already paid for showrooms to show customers products as well? I currently sell 14 top 100 accounts, most of whom I would expect to be €œinvited€ to this event. We are also usually actively pursuing another 10 or so top 100 potential customers.

As I€™m sure you are aware, Lifestyle has been very encouraging to other vendors during their shows, and we have had some success because of it.

My lease will be up after the spring market, and I am currently reviewing a number of options. I can assure you, that unless this current plan is amended in a more democratic manner, I will seriously consider downsizing here, and upsizing in Las Vegas. I would imagine that I am not alone in my assessment of this issue. HFB

David Ballard

Go to for an online interview with Brian Casey, president of the High Point Market Authority about premarket€™s revitalization.

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