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Dormeo Introduces "Octaspring University"

Luxury bedding vendor Dormeo Octaspring will launch “Octaspring University” online sales training at the July 29-August 2 Las Vegas Furniture Market.

Dormeo Octaspring created the program to aid retailers by taking on more responsibility in the education and training of its retail sales associates.
“Octaspring University” is a comprehensive learning module that models a four-year college curriculum from “freshman” to “senior” year. Designed to aid RSAs in growing sales tickets, the program includes a series of short videos created to educate RSAs on key messaging, branding and product benefits. After passing tests and quizzes on the content covered in the presentations, RSAs collect points, which are deposited into member accounts that can be then redeemed for prizes.  The more advanced the class, the more points are earned, giving RSAs an incentive to complete the classes and make it all the way to graduation.

“A lot of retailers are looking for web-based sales training as a way to relieve some of the financial burden associated with traditional sales training methods,” said Dormeo Octaspring President North American Retail Sales Chris Henning . “By introducing this incentivized digital sales training program, we are satisfying retailers by taking accountability for training into our own hands, while also providing an interactive and rewarding program for the RSAs. We are confident this will help grow sales tickets and profit margins.”

Dormeo Octaspring Las Vegas showroom is World Market Center-B922.

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