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Studio Italia Introduces Spider, New Suspension Lighting

No longer only associated with the pests that send chills down your spine, “spider” now takes on a new meaning with Studio Italia Design’s suspension light named Spider.

Inspired by the creepy crawlers, this light can hang from the ceiling in a “web” and “crawls” along walls, shedding light to specific areas of the room.

The metal diffusers can be adjusted 360 degrees side to side or 90 degrees diagonally, easily delivering modern style and elegance to any room. The suspension lighting has a chrome metal frame and is available in four diffuser metal finishes: matte white, chrome, gold and rose gold. The reflective elements on the chrome diffusers add a pop of highlight, while matte white emphasizes the fresh, bright aspects of the room. No matter which color you choose, Spider serves a much larger purpose than simply providing light. The innovative lighting fixture can change the atmosphere of the room through its dimmable function. It also utilizes LED technology, and LED light bulbs are included.

Spider is highly customizable in terms of composition, amount of lights and the tracks. Buyers can customize the lighting fixture using the Studio Italia Design's easy-to-use Configurator program, which is located on the Studio Italia Design website. The process begins with choosing the canopy shape: round, rectangular and radial. The amount of holes on the canopy is also selected. The buyer can then individually select each fixture with the desired finishes. The customized fixture is then shown three-dimensionally in a sample room, providing a useful visual.

Since its start in 1950 in Venice, Italy, Studio Italia Design has been the leading contemporary, luxury lighting fixtures designer and producer. Its products are proudly labeled “Made in Italy” – a distinction of the highest quality and design standards. Studio Italia Design combines craftsmanship and detailed designs with the latest technology, resulting in state-of-the-art lighting fixtures.

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