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Customatic Addresses Baby Boomer Needs with New Adjustable Base

With its sights set squarely on aging baby boomers, Customatic Adjustable Bedz unveiled the INDEPENDENCE Adjustable Base, a foundation designed to ease the struggle of getting in and out of bed.

Customatic has taken a renewed interest in baby boomers for whom adjustable bases have become increasingly popular.

“The innovative features of the INDEPENDENCE illustrate the unique way Customatic addresses a challenge and the steps it takes to clearly communicate solutions. We are giving baby boomers a quick and easy way get in and out of bed freely without having to rely on another person,” said Phil McCarty, managing member at Customatic.

The INDEPENDENCE combines the common adjustable bed lift positioning options with the new “swing and lift” feature, which allows the entire mattress to rotate 90 degrees and adjust to a fully seated position then gently lifts the consumer forward to help them out of bed and gain stability, balance and support. With a modern style and design, the unique base was created to give baby boomers back that feeling of “independence” by offering the ability to get in and out of bed independently while getting the extra assistance they need. The adjustable base is designed with a hand-held remote that allows consumers to control the base’s movement.

According to Phil Sherman, managing member at Customatic, “The INDEPENDENCE model demonstrates the ability to convey forward thinking with true technology advancement. Its design concept was conceived from two very basic needs.  First, create an adjustable base that baby boomers would be proud to own.  The second was drawn from personal experience. I wanted to develop a base that my 86-year-old mom would find value in, that would help improve her quality of life and make independent living easier for her.”

Customatic Adjustable Bedz is the foremost pioneer of the sleep products industry and is best known for its expertise and cutting-edge innovations in adjustable bed bases.

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