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Tupelo Furniture Market Adds Exhibitors

The number of companies exhibiting at the Tupelo Furniture Market  has continued to increase over the last two years, according to Market officials.

“We have had sustained growth in jobs and the housing market has essentially stabilized, said Kevin J. Seddon, president of the Tupelo Furniture Market. “As a result, we have had greater success in attracting new businesses to Tupelo.”

In about 12 months, Tupelo has sold exhibit space to about 100 new companies that have not shown in Tupelo before, or at least not in many years, Seddon said. 

“We have had great success in the last few months alone,” he said. “United Furniture Industries, one of the largest furniture manufacturers in the country, recently signed a long-term agreement, and another 20 companies have also contracted with us in just the last 30 days.”

According to Seddon, Tupelo is experiencing growth in almost every sector of the furniture industry.  He said the number of bedding manufacturers has grown with 40 bedding companies expected to exhibit at the Market Aug. 20-23. He also noted growth in the rustic furniture sector and said the companies showcasing product now offer products in the mid- and high-end price ranges and not just lower priced furniture.

“For many years Tupelo was known as a venue primarily for companies showing lower-priced products with great value and that’s still the case,” Seddon said. “However, now we have found that many companies showing in Tupelo are having great success selling higher priced items, including leather, designer and hand-crafted furniture.  Companies that sell higher-priced brands such as Pelican Reef/Panama Jack or designer brands such as John Richards are now drawing designers and retailers to the market.”

Some of the companies that have added Tupelo to their trade show schedules include Furniture of America, Goldfield Modern, Honor, Arason Cabinet Beds, Art En Fibra, Rustic Log Furniture, Wildwoods, Recherche’, Mountain Woods Furniture, Genesis Financial, Wellborn Industries, Artistic Teak Traders, LLC, Boyd Specialty Shop, Textile City, Knaefler Enterprises, MLily Mississippi, Dutchcraft Mattress Factory, Table & Chair, 7th Avenue, and Serta Chair.

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