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Belle Meade Signature Relocates High Point Showroom

Case goods and upholstery producer Belle Meade Signature has relocated its High Point Market showroom to the Hamilton Wrenn Design District.

The company’s new showroom is located in space 312 310 N. Hamilton Street. Belle Meade had previously shown in Market Square.

“We are thrilled to be relocating to the Hamilton Wrenn Design District,” said Jonathan Cochran, president and CEO. “Our time at Market Square was enjoyable and instrumental in building our brand. It’s a beautiful building with a great team. However, as we’re becoming more and more focused on the design trade, a Hamilton Wrenn address is just a better fit for our brand. The new location puts us right next door to our peers, makes us more accessible to our target audience, and gives us the luxury of a fresh, new environment to showcase our product.” 

The entrance to the new showroom is located on Fred Alexander Place between Wesley Hall and Sherrill Furniture Co.

“Our company has continued to evolve through strong design and our new Masterworks custom finishing capabilities from our High Point operations,” said Guy Holbrook, Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “These steps forward have expanded our customer base and created new opportunities for us to explore. Our new showroom places Belle Meade Signature and our talented sales team in a perfect setting to showcase these new offerings.”

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