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Less Is More

The Interior Redecorators Network, the international organization of one-day decorators with members in more than 100 cities, has been witnessing a strong trend toward minimalism across the United States.

Homeowners and renters seem to be more interested in de-cluttering and keeping only the things that are truly meaningful to them. Gone are the days of buying lots of knick-knacks and cutesy objects in order to decorate tabletops and walls in every room. Today, a renewed 'less is more' approach is being embraced as never before.

For many homeowners, the goal appears to be making their houses or condos look more open, airy and attractive before putting their properties on the market. For others who are not interested in resale, the objective is simply to clear their rooms of pieces that once may have seemed meaningful but, today, are simply taking up precious space. And, the more these homes are transformed into tranquil-looking, better-organized and tidier spaces, the more people seem to be inspired to continue editing what they have, one drawer or one shelf at a time, if necessary.

The author of Downsizing Your Home With Style, Lauri Ward, asks her clients to divide their furnishings into two categories: "Like" and "Love."

"For clients who want to freshen up their homes in 2015 and are interested in clearing their clutter, this technique helps them crystalize which pieces are truly meaningful to them and which are not," she said.

Yvon Chouinard, founder and CEO of Patagonia, takes it a step further:  "He who dies with the least toys wins. Because the more you know, the less you need."

The Interior Redecorators Network is a 501C not-for-profit trade organization of certified interior redecorators located across North America and in Australia, Europe and South America. The organization's founder, Lauri Ward, recognized for pioneering the one-day room-makeover niche, has become known through her frequent television appearances on "The Oprah Winfrey Show," "ABC Evening News," "The Today Show," various HGTV shows as well as many other national programs and publications. The organization seeks to demonstrate and teach homeowners and renters how they can make their spaces more beautiful and comfortable by learning how to correctly utilize their existing furniture and accessories.

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