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Changes Coming for Canadian Furniture Show

The Canadian Furniture Show, previously known as The Canadian Home Furnishings Market or TCHFM, will see changes at the June 4-June 7, 2015, event.

Pierre Richard, the president and CEO of the show, said that several major changes will be implemented to ensure the Toronto event's sustainability and growth.

In addition to a new name and logo and moving the date from January to June, one of the main changes being planned for the 2015 show is opening the event to consumers, on Sunday, June 7.

"Holding a consumer day became a must in order to ensure the revival of the Show, attract new exhibitors, and enhance the visibility of the event as well as the entire Canadian industry," Richard said. "This is a choice favoured by some of the major European shows. For many potential exhibitors, including some of the big furniture and appliance manufacturers, a consumer day is a highly desired asset. Having such a day provides exhibitors with a unique opportunity to communicate directly with consumers, to see first-hand how they react to their products, and to get some exposure for their brand."  

The renewal efforts began after the January 2014 Show, when surveys, interviews and discussion groups were conducted with some 550 industry respondents. An advisory committee also was created, bringing together 15 professionals from different sectors of the industry and from various regions of the country. The committee prioritized solutions to address the show's main issues, which included attracting new exhibitors and visitors, and enhancing the visibility of the event and the Canadian industry.

To make the show more inclusive, in addition to exhibitors set up at The International Centre for the four-day event, this year's edition will include increased participation from surrounding permanent and temporary outside showrooms. Following the model of High Point Market, whose exhibition value in the main buildings is enhanced by the participation of outside showrooms spread out over several kilometers in the vicinity, the Canadian Furniture Show will be even bigger, which will attract more visitors who will be offered a wider selection of products. This added value will increase significantly the exhibition floor space.

Other new features of the 2015 Show include extended hours of operation on Saturday evening and a redesigned floor plan, providing visitors with a reinvigorating experience.

"We are convinced these major changes, which the industry has called for, will enable us to ensure the relaunch and sustainability of the Show over the coming years," said Richard.

The Canadian Furniture Show has been held since 1972 and is produced by the Quebec Furniture Manufacturers Association. The Show welcomes more than 300 exhibitors, including more than 50 Canadian furniture manufacturers, and some 7,000 trade visitors.

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