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Keystone Creates Designer Friendly Program

Case goods supplier Keystone Collections has created a program geared toward designers.

The program allows designers to create unique furnishings to increase flexibility, reduce research time and allow for creativity.

“Designers often find the right design, but it is not available in a color or texture they require," said Marvin Martin, owner and marketing director. "Or else, designers find a pattern, color or texture that is perfect for a project, but cannot find it on any design or size of furnishing that fits the requirements. We work to eliminate those obstacles. We allow designers to easily create their own unique custom furnishings for their design concept instead of endlessly searching catalogs, websites, and showroom floors.”

Under Keystone's program, designers can select a wood finish or create a finish through the company's in-house finishing and color lab.

“We’ve had designers supply exotic stone, authentic elephant hide, mosaics, their own wood, table legs, their own heirloom, hardware or textiles, or request special lighting," said Bryan Shive, account executive. "We then manufacture the furnishing according to design concepts provided by the designer and with the supplied items.”

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