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Interior Designer Writes Decorating Book on Astrology

A Beverly Hills interior designer has written a book to assist homeowners how to decorate their homes based on their zodiac sign.

Kita Marie Williams', principal of KMW Interiors, "Astrology & Interior Design: Unlocking the Secret to your Personal Style at Home," shares supposed design and décor elements that each zodiac sign theoretically prefers. The book also offers a thorough introduction to further personal astrological exploration. 

The book's premise is to help readers blend their interior design with astrology to create a harmonious space.

Each chapter explores supposed general design preferences of each zodiac sign. At the end of the book, readers can fill out a simple worksheet of design preferences and use it as a starting point for creating a new space or as a guide for a professional interior designer or decorator.

“I’ve been using astrology in my interior design work for many years and clients love it," Williams said. "In fact, my company is the only interior design and decorating firm to use astrological techniques in space planning.

"It’s very daunting when you’re faced with the blank canvas of decorating a home," she said. "By using astrological techniques it is easy to narrow down the options and settle on decoration and design that is a natural fit for a person’s character. Believe me – it works!”

The book is available on Amazon

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