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Better Sleep Council Promotes Better Sleep Month

bettersleeplogoThe Better Sleep Council, the research and education arm of the International Sleep Products Association, is using new research and social media to urge consumers to “Get on Top” of a new mattress during Better Sleep Month in May.

Timed to complement the communication efforts of mattress retailers leading up to Memorial Day sales, campaign efforts will coach consumers through the most common frustrations of mattress replacement.

“New Better Sleep Council research shows that consumers put off buying a new mattress even when they know their current mattress is not only old, but actually causes them pain and negatively impacts their sleep quality” said Pete Bils, chair of the Better Sleep Council. “This year’s campaign helps bridge the gap between recognizing the need for replacement and visiting a store to get on top of a new mattress.”

The “Get on Top” campaign will preview new research findings that reveal key pain points in mattress replacement and identify consumers’ core concerns relating to the shopping experience. Shared via BSC’s digital channels and distributed to consumer media outlets prior to Memorial Day, research findings will provide insight about the impact of poor sleep, consumers’ ideas of a perfect mattress, motivations behind purchase decisions and price comparisons, as well as firsthand accounts from prospective buyers about speaking with a mattress retail sales associate.

“We want consumers to feel confident when approaching Memorial Day mattress sales, and we’re starting by addressing their biggest concerns,” said Bils. “The Better Sleep Council is focused on demystifying the mattress shopping experience. Urging consumers to ‘Get on Top’ is the first step toward accomplishing that.”

Beginning May 1, a team of 16 brand-neutral bloggers in the mom, lifestyle and beauty spaces will begin sharing their stories and mattress-focused messages along with new and existing Better Sleep Council social content. Each blogger will publish and promote one Get on Top blog post via Facebook and Twitter. To drive social buzz, the BSC will also be giving away a $1,000 grand prize on its Facebook Page. 

“Similar to past Better Sleep Month promotion, we hope our membership will leverage the ‘Get on Top’ campaign to reinforce their own marketing efforts,” said Bils.

Members and retailers can join the conversation by liking the BSC Facebook Page and following the BSC on Twitter (@BetterSleepOrg).

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