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Boyd Awarded Patent

Boyd Specialty Sleep has received a patent that embodies a new air mattress design with contiguous air chambers surrounded by a peripheral air chamber.

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office assigned U.S. patent number 8,656,539 to the design, which was developed to minimize the problem of edge-sagging often found in multi-chamber air models and to increase the structural integrity and overall comfort of the mattress.

Boyd will show two new Broyhill-branded air models that use the newly patented air mattress system at this summer's Las Vegas Furniture Market.  
The proprietary design involves two contiguous, inflatable air chambers that are connected side-by-side, and then connected to another air chamber that’s located around the perimeter of the contiguous chambers. A remote-controlled air pump is connected to each of the chambers.

“The peripheral chamber makes it much easier for sleepers to get on or off the mattress and virtually removes any possibility of roll-off during the night,” said Denny Boyd, president of Boyd Specialty Sleep, St. Louis. “This innovation successfully addresses edge compression that’s often associated with multi-chamber air mattresses, and accomplishes everything we’d hoped for in terms of edge-to-edge support and comfort.”   

Under the licensed Broyhill name, Boyd will introduce two Lux Aire models at $799 and $999 in queen.   

Boyd Specialty Sleep has more than 30 patents and is dedicated to consumer health and safety and to the environmental impact of its products and processes.

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