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Dr. Andrew Weil Endorses Simmons' ComforPedic iQ

Dr. Andrew Weil

Bedding supplier Simmons Bedding Co. has gotten an endorsement for its ComforPedic iQ mattress from a leader in the field of integrative medicine.

Dr. Andrew Weil,  a long-time proponent of quality sleep, is a globally recognized expert for his advice on leading a healthy lifestyle incorporating mind, body and spirit.

“For those of you who have struggled with sleep issues, choosing the right mattress is an important step towards getting quality rest,” Weil said. “The ComforPedic iQ is the first and only mattress I have ever endorsed, because I believe the Smart Response™ technology provides a practical and effective sleep solution.”

Weil has had five consecutive New York Times No. 1 bestsellers and has more than 10 million books in print, and two Time covers. His Web site contains more than 700 pieces of original content on sleep, and a number of his books and publications offer his perspective on optimum health, with one of the main components being quality sleep. 

“Simmons is excited to partner with Dr. Weil to introduce ComforPedic iQ to both the bedding industry and consumers,” said Jeff Willard, executive vice president of marketing at Simmons. “We share a profound passion for helping people naturally achieve good-quality sleep. Dr. Weil’s belief in ComforPedic iQ is truly a testament to the effectiveness and power of the product.” 

The mattress uses patented, clinically tested Smart Response Technology, that it naturally responds and continuously adapts to the body—without motors, buttons, plugs or electronics.  

In a Temple University School of Medicine study measuring sleep quality of 20 participants, researchers compared the participants’ sleep on their current mattresses to their sleep on a ComforPedic iQ sleep system. On average, when sleeping on a ComforPedic iQ sleep system, the participants, fell asleep faster, spent less time lying awake and experienced increased REM sleep.

“I believe these results demonstrate this product’s effectiveness,” said Scott Smalling, chief of specialty innovations and founder of ComforPedic. “ComforPedic iQ is unlike anything the industry has ever seen, in that it has the ability to change the consumer’s sleep experience. This is a revolutionary product we are bringing to Market, one that truly personalizes itself for each consumer’s individual needs.” 

Simmons will announce the endorsement at an exclusive industry event during the upcoming Las Vegas Market. This invitation-only celebration will introduce dealers to the “The Future of Sleep” through an exciting, full-sensory experience. The event will include an address from Dr. Weil and the debut of ComforPedic iQ line, as well as dinner, drinks and entertainment. Simmons will then launch a multi-media advertising campaign for ComforPedic iQ the spring. Ads will be seen on national network and cable television throughout the peak summer selling period. Advertising also extends to the Web, social and mobile with a digital campaign. The campaign will include Weil and will promote the line’s use of technology designed to give consumers a holistic, effective sleep solution.  

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