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Natural Increase Births vs. Deaths 2010 to 2016

Since the turn of the century, diversity in America has continued to grow – impacting the political climate, education and the economy. One common thread in the home furnishings industry is that all Americans need and purchase home furnishings, regardless of ethnicity. However, understanding the components of diversity adds perspective to our retail landscape. This is the fourth factoid in a series of five factoids detailing the changes in population between 2010 and 2016. *see factoid one of this series for The Census Bureau race classifications.

Natural Increase: Births Minus Deaths

For the six-year period, the Birth to Death Ratio (the number of births per death) totaled 1.5 for the entire United States. Both younger ethnic groups in the U.S., the White Hispanic population and Asian population have much higher rates of births versus deaths – 5.8 and 3.4 in a six-year period.

The aging of the White (Non Hispanic) group has made an impact on population. Whites still represent 61 percent of the population and 50.1 percent of all births. However numbers of deaths are overwhelming among Whites (Non Hispanic) totaling 78.8 percent of all deaths 2010 to 2016. This negative Natural Increase trend among Whites (Non Hispanic) is expected to continue for years to come. Meanwhile, the younger White Hispanic group 2010 to 2016 represented 22 percent of all births, but only 5.7 percent of deaths. The next and final factoid in this series will focus on Net Foreign Immigration.

Source: U.S. Census Bureau

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