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Industry Sales by Quarter 2008 Q1 to 2015 Q1 Furniture & Bedding

The Industry continued its steady growth in the first quarter of this year.  A 7.7% increase over the same quarter last year resulted in Furniture and Bedding sales totaling $22.7 billion.  Compared to the previous 4th quarter of 2014, sales were up slightly 0.75%.


Furniture (excluding Bedding) increased 7.2% over 2014 Q4, but was down 1.68%  over quarter 4 of last year.  After a typical 4th quarter slump last year, Bedding grew 10.2% compared to Q1 of last year and 16.3% over Q4 of 2014.


The chart above shows quarter to quarter industry performance from 2012 Q1 through the first quarter of 2015.


First quarter combined Furniture and Bedding industry sales of $22.7 billion were a 7.7% improvement over $21.1 billion from the same quarter in 2014. Compared to last quarter (2014 Q4) sales improved 0.75%/


Furniture (excluding Bedding) increased 7.2% with sales of $19.2 Billion in 2015 Q1 – up from $17.9 Billion in 2014 Q1.


Bedding had an impressive quarter with sales of $3.48 billion, up 10.2% over first quarter sales last year of $3.15 billion.


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Bill Napier    9 years ago

I don't mean to burst anyone's bubble or come across indignant, but the facts I see do not correspond with what's reported.

"April just printed the slowest YoY growth since Nov09 at just 0.9% (retail sales has still missed expectations for 4 of the last 5 months). Against expectations of a 0.2% MoM rise in April (considerably slower than the 0.9% pop in March), Retail Sales missed with a 0.0% change. Ex-Auto and Gas MoM also missed with a mere 0.1% gain (against +0.5% exp.) but it was the control group that saw the biggest miss, printing 0.0% (against hopeful expectations of a 0.5% gain). There was widespread weakness with outright declines in autos, furniture, gas, food, electronics (AAPL hangover), and general merchandise".

"Worse, non-seasonally adjusted retail sales which however are perfectly relevant on a Y/Y basis as the same seasonal adjustment takes place every 12 months, posted their first decline since the Great Recession".

Granted, furniture has seen some gains, but 7.7% I think is a stretch. You can review the charts and facts here:


Furniture Core    9 years ago

The data is from Impact Consulting proprietary industry model which has proven to be accurate over the last 25+ years. The model is focused on the home furnishings industry and utilizes 23+ variables. Ultimately the comparison is to the commerce department as to accuracy. Our estimates are confirmed by reported sales by a large cross section of the industry.

Bill Napier    9 years ago

I'm curious where this data is compiled from. If the GDP is growing at .02% or less: The Atlanta Fed's GDP Now model forecast for real GDP growth (seasonally adjusted annual rate) in the first quarter of 2015 has been downgraded once again... to 0.0 percent on April 1, down from 2.3 percent on Feb 13th.

The latest estimates from the Commerce Department show that wholesale sales for March were down again by 1.3% year-over-year. In seasonally-adjusted terms, sales have declined now for eight consecutive months.

And with 93,000,000 Americans out of the workforce, I have a hard time understanding how we are growing at 7.7%?

Just my thoughts

[Trackback]    9 years ago

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