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Industry Sales 2007 to 2014 (YTD) Furniture & Bedding



Combined Furniture and Bedding sales for 2014 (YTD) are up 2.6% over the same period last year.  Furniture (excluding Bedding) is up 2.2% and Bedding is up 4.5%.

Based on the first three quarters of sales, the Industry is on track to increase total sales from 2013.  Combined Furniture and Bedding sales are $65 Billion in the third quarter – up 2.6% over the same period last year.  Furniture (excluding Bedding) increased by 2.2% from 2013Q3 with sales at $55.3 Billion year-to-date.  Showing the most growth, Bedding has sales totaling $9.7 Billion in 2014Q3 – up 4.5% from sales of $9.3 Billion in the quarter 3 of 2013. 



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Bill Napier    8 years ago

I wish this data was broken down by category, region and state?

I also wish this data was broken down by categories?

Lastly, I'd like to see how much of this "growth" is RTO and/or "sub prime"? Based off the recent Conns article, this growth may have real concerns for retailers if in fact most of the growth is coming from RTO and sub-prime. Then it's not just a headline of growth optimism, it's a warning.

I ask these questions because everything I read that pertains to this economic growth is coming from sub prime lending on automobiles, deep discounting and more. With that said, I think there is a propensity to highlight "positive" headlines, without digging into the facts so our category can make strategic moves to compensate, rather than maintain a position of hope.

Just my thoughts

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