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Profile of Counties by Median Household Incomes: 2012

















While the previous factoid profiled states by their median household incomes, this factoid digs deeper by profiling at the county level. Only 99 counties are in the highest range with households earning a median income over $75,000 –accounting for 3.2%.

While the second highest range includes the U.S. median of $53,046 at its start point, it goes up to $75,000 and makes up 17.4% of total counties.

The next two ranges combined, households earning between $30,000 and $53,046, account for 75% of the country and include 2,361 of the 3,161 counties, while households earning a median income under $30,000 made up only 4.3%.

Looking at the 5 counties with the highest median income, the top 3 are in Virginia and part of the Washington-Arlington-Alexandria market. With only 4,857 households, Falls Church City, VA has a median income of $122,884 –132% higher than the U.S. median of $53,046. Also with median incomes well over $100,000, Loudoun and Fairfax, VA have a greater number of households –a combined 492,647.

Both the fourth and fifth highest counties have a median income 100% greater than the U.S. median. Howard, MD is in the large Baltimore MSA market, while Los Alamos, NM is in a Micro SA market with only 7,498 households.

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