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Industry Sales by Quarter (2008 Q1 – 2013 Q3)


Industry Sales by Quarter (2008 Q1 – 2013 Q3)

Industry sales continued to creep up slowly to $19.2 Billion, the highest level since the industry’s one-quarter historical peak in 2007 Q3 at $19.9 billion. Combined Furniture and Bedding grew 1.9% over the same 3rd quarter of last year and 6.1% over the previous quarter 2. Furniture (excluding Bedding) increased 1.9% over 2012Q3 and 5.2% over Q2 of this year. Bedding showed better improvement at 6.3% quarter to quarter (2012 Q3 to 2013 Q3) and 11.5% growth compared to the 2013 Q2. Year-to-date, Furniture sales are flat and Bedding up 2.48%.

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