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Petitioners Submit List of Chinese Companies For Review

By Home Furnishings Business in on February 2006 By Powell Slaughter

The group of U.S. furniture manufacturers that petitioned for an antidumping investigation of Chinese manufacturers of wooden bedroom furniture has submitted a list of Chinese companies it believes merit further investigation by the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Through an administrative review process, both the petitioners and Chinese manufacturers can request an audit by DOC investigators. On one hand, petitioners hope the companies they submit for review might receive a new, higher duty rate; while the Chinese companies requesting a review look to lower or eliminate duties on the bedroom furniture they make for the U.S. market.

Currently, most Chinese manufacturers still making bedroom furniture for the U.S. market face a duty of 6.65 percent under the DOC's original investigation, which ended in late 2004. The so-called "all China" rate of 198.08 percent, which affected companies that failed to submit information or were ruled by DOC to have provided insufficient or inaccurate information, or whose information indicated egregious dumping, effectively put those manufacturers – which were supplying approximately 20 percent of the Chinese bedroom furniture in the U.S. market at the time – out of the market.

The petitioner's list includes four companies that were part of DOC's 2004 investigation on the ground in China: Dongguan Lung Dong, currently at a 2.32 percent duty; Dorbest/Rui Feng, 7.87 percent; Lacquer Craft, 2.66 percent; and Starcorp, 15.78 percent.

The DOC is still reviewing incoming requests for administrative review and now has more than 100 such requests, according toe Victoria Park, a public affairs office with the department. The closing date for receiving requests was Tuesday, Jan. 31.

The complete list of companies petitioners would like to see investigated further follows:

1. Conghua JL George Timber & Co.;

2. Dalian Guangming Furniture Co. Ltd.;

3. Huafeng Furniture Co. Ltd.;

4. Dalian Pretty Home Furniture Co. Ltd.;

5. Decca Holdings Ltd. and other affiliates;

6. Dongguan Chunsan Wood Products Co. Ltd.; Trendex Industries Ltd.; Trendex Industries Ltd. BVI; and Kunshan Junsen Furniture Co. Ltd.;

7. Dongguan Landmark Furniture Products Ltd.

8. Dongguan Lung Dong Furniture Co. Ltd.; Dongguan Dong He Furniture Co. Ltd.; and Engmost Investment Ltd.

9. Dongguan Sunpower Enterprise Co. Ltd.;

10. Dongguan Sunrise Furniture Co.; Taicang Sunrise Wood Industry Co. Ltd.; Shanghai Sunrise Furniture Co. Ltd.; and Fairmont Designs;

11. Dorbest Ltd.; Rui Feng Woodwork (Dongguan) Co.; and Rui Fung Lumber Development (Shenzhen) Co. Ltd.;

12. Dream Rooms Furniture (Shangai) Co.;

13. Ever Spring Furniture Co. Ltd.; and SYC Family;

14. Fine Furniture (Shanghai) Ltd. and its affiliates;

15. Foshan Guanqiu Furniture Co. Ltd.;

16. Fujian Senda Foreign Trade Co. Ltd.;

17. Fuzhou Huan Mei Furnutre Co. Ltd.

18. Gaomi Yatai Wooden Ware Co. Ltd.; and Team Prospect International Ltd.

19. Guangzhou Lucky Furniture Co. Ltd.

20. Honest Furniture Co. Ltd.

21. Hung Fai Wood Products Factory Ltd.

22. Jiangsu Dare Furniture Co. Ltd.

23. King Kei Trading Co. Ltd.; King Kei Furniture Factory; and Jiu Ching Trading Co. Ltd.

24. King Wood Furniture Co. Ltd.

25. Kong Fong Furniture

26. Kunwa Enterprises Co.

27. Lacquer Craft Manufacturing Co.

28. Langfang TianCheng Furniture or Huari Furniture

29. Leefu Wood (Dongguan) Co. Ltd.; and King Rich International Ltd.

30. Locke Furniture Factory or Kai Chan Furniture Co. Ltd.; Kai Chan (Hong Kong) Enterprise Ltd.; and Taiwan Kai Chan

31. Meikangchi (Nantong) Furniture Co. Ltd.

32. Nantong Yangzi

33. Po Ying Industrial Co.

34. Profit Force Ltd.

35. Putian Ou Dian Furniture Co. Ltd.

36. Qing Dao Beiyuan-Shengli Furniture Co. Ltd.; and Qing Dao Beiyuan Industry Trading Co. Ltd.

37. Qingdao Shengchang Wooden Co. Ltd.

38. RiZhao SanMu Woodworking Co. Ltd.

39. Shenyang Kunyu Wood Industry Co. Ltd.

40. Shenzhen Shen Long Hang Industry Co. Ltd.

41. Speedy International Ltd.

42. Starcorp Furniture (Shanghai) Furniture Co. Ltd.; and Orin

43. Sunforce Furniture (Hui-Yang) Co. Ltd.; SunFung Wooden Factory; Sun Fung Co.; Shin Feng Furniture Co. Ltd.; and Stupendous International Co. Ltd.

44. Tianjin Sande Fairwood Furniture Co. Ltd.

45. Time Crown (UK) International Ltd.; and China United International Co.

46. Top Art Furniture

47. Transworld (Zhangzhou) Furniture Co. Ltd.

48. Wan Bao Cheng Group Hong Kong Co. Ltd.

49. Wanhengton Nueevder (Furniture) Manufacture Co. Ltd.; and Dongguan Wanhengton Industry Co. Ltd.

50. Yihua Timber Industries Co. Ltd., doing business as New Classic Home Furnishings Inc.

51. Yixinglong Furniture Co. Ltd.

52. Yongxin Industrial (Holdings) Ltd.

53. Zhejiang Niannian Hong Industrial Ltd.

54. Zhongshan Gainwell Furniture Co. Ltd.

55. Zhongshan Golden King Furniture Industrial Co. Ltd.; and King Group Furniture

56. WBE Industries (Hui-Yang) Co. Ltd.

57. All producers and exporters not identified above for which a separate administrative review request has been submitted in a timely manner to the Department of Commerce.

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