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Tupelo Furniture Market Sets Seminar Series

By Home Furnishings Business in Markets on May 29, 2013

The Tupelo Furniture Market  is boosting its offerings to retailers with a slate of educational seminars.

The Lunch & Learn sessions will be held two times each day during the summer market set for Aug. 15-18. The seminars will be held in Building 1 in the Magnolia Room.

Joe Milevsky and Bob Moorman with JRM Sales & Management, a consulting firm and resource in the furniture industry, have developed seminars designed to provide information to retailers to help increase overall sales, margins and efficiency.

These seminars are free to attendees. 

Scheduled seminars currently include:

Exceeding Customer Expectations

This seminar focuses on positioning your company to maximize the potential of every customer that calls or visits your store.

Are you ready?

Is your store ready?

Does your sales floor make it easier for your salespeople to sell?

Do you understand how to truly evaluate and help to improve salespersons' performance?

What are the seven areas of your business that must be consistent? How do you ensure that everyone in your company is customer-centric and on the same page?

Merchandising Your Store in Today's Ever-changing Business Climate

Does your merchandising engage customers through a better understanding of their preference and behaviors?

How should your merchandise lineups be structured?

What does the first 500 square feet near the entrance of your store tell the customer?

How are you merchandising your floor; what's new?

Your product tagging strategy; is it customer friendly?

Your customers; what demographics are you merchandising to?

Merchandising must enhance the customer experience and create environments that make customers want to buy.

Anatomy of a Salesperson

What makes one salesperson succeed while others fail?

What is the magic profile for a strong salesperson in our industry?

Where do I find my best candidates?

Why would top salespeople come to work for me?

How do I increase the probability that I can position salespeople to succeed?

How do I ensure that my salespeople have enough but not too much of my stores' traffic?.

The Mystery of the Budgeting Process

Most independent retailers do not produce an annual budget. Professionally run, successful companies produce budgets and work their budgets to facilitate positive outcomes.

Discover processes that will keep your business safe. Learn how to:

Create and understand how to use a budget.

Establish a chart of accounts that will define company safeguards.

Benchmark your company's performance.

Set reasonable, achievable and detailed financial goals.

Hold management team members accountable for their performance to budget.

Build company initiatives to effect positive financial goals.

Make your profit more predictable.

The Market's schedule of events is available online.

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