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McRoskey Mattress Co. Gets a Makeover

By Home Furnishings Business in Bedding on May 9, 2013

McRoskey Mattress Co. is celebrating 114 years of hand-crafting mattresses and box springs with a new identity.

Through a series of playful print ads, a Web site overhaul and a new logo that speaks to the company€™s hand-made heritage and Made-in-San Francisco pride, McRoskey Mattress wants to send the message that "nothing can cradle your dreams quite like a McRoskey."

€œOur customers have always known that McRoskey mattresses are incredibly comfortable," said McRoskey Mattress President Robin McRoskey Azevedo, the third generation of McRoskey to run the company. "What they might not know is that they are made by hand, made right here, and some people will go to extraordinary lengths to sleep on theirs every night.€
The new ads are a combination of hand-drawn illustrations and photography. In one, a mountain climber hikes up a peak, while a Sherpa-like guide behind him carries the hiker€™s McRoskey. In another, guests arriving at posh hotel are accompanied by a McRoskey-toting bellhop.
€œThere€™s a whimsical quality to the ads,€ said Carolyn Goodman, president and creative director of San Rafael, Calif.-based Goodman Marketing Partners, the agency that conceived the rebranding effort. "They€™ll hopefully inspire a knowing smile as they reinforce the fact that people are just absolutely attached to their McRoskey. That€™s why they buy them again and again, and why families have one generation after another still buying McRoskeys."
McRoskey€™s long history, and hand-crafted heritage are evoked in its new logo, an image of the label that€™s stitched on every McRoskey Mattress. The €œsewn-on€ emblem, complete with grommets, bears the well-known elliptical company logo, along with the words €œMade in San Francisco, U.S.A.€ prominent underneath.
€œWe€™re exceptionally proud to be a part of the fabric of this city," said McRoskey Azevedo. "My grandfather was one of the only mattress makers still operating and supplying mattresses following the 1906 earthquake."
The new Web site is cleaner and easier for visitors to navigate, letting them quickly find more information on comfort options and how a McRoskey is made. also incorporates bold new imagery that reinforces the message of comfort while dispelling the notion that although it is over a century old, McRoskey is not an old-fashioned company.

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