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August 2018 Issue

Current Issue

Innovate or React?

As a president, CEO, and owner, the most difficult decisions may be not to make a decision at all. All eyes are upon the one in charge to do something. Often the best course is to stay the course.

Innovation … or Disruption?

The way retailers reach consumers has changed over the years, but has the product?

The 10-Year Millennial Economic Slump

This year the youngest Millennials will officially become adults, according to the Census Bureau’s definition of the largest generation since the Baby Boomers.

What Opportunities for Innovation Might We Be Missing?

Innovation can result from many different processes and activities. It can come from trying new things or finding different ways to use things that we already have.

Sweet Retreat

Growing up, 30 or more years ago, those might’ve been words that struck fear in our hearts. What could be worse than being cooped up in a bedroom, away from friends, television, or any other source of fun or entertainment?

Take 5: Fred Starr

Innovation takes many forms, and is necessary to stay ahead in today’s world of retail, when everyone is looking for what’s coming next. In this month’s Take 5, Fred Starr, founder and president of DesignCliq and former president and chief executive of Thomasville Furniture, talked with Home Furnishings Business about how manufacturers (such as Thomasville Furniture) innovated in the past, and what manufacturers and retailers are doing today.




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