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What Sells: QUALITY DESIGN In the Bedroom

Although the surge in consumer demand during 2020 and 2021 has leveled off and what looks like a return to normal has occurred, many consumers are still devoting time and money into updating their houses and in this issue we are shining the spotlight on the bedroom category. Spurred on by the pandemic, health and wellness is at the forefront of people’s minds. And creating an aesthetic to turn off all the noise of the outside world and recharge batteries has never been more important.

Manufacturers and retailers are answering the call for pieces that pair quality and design to create a calming oasis. Based on the FurnitureCore Industry Model developed by Impact Consulting Services, parent company to Home Furnishings Business, research shows the category did increase dramatically over the past two years, finishing 2021 with $23.44 billion in sales and up from $19.75 billion in 2020. That dramatic growth has diminished in 2022 with sales in the first quarter of this year 3.8% lower than the fourth quarter of 2021. However, demand is still there as sales in 2022 Q1 were still up 1.8% compared to the same quarter last year.

Historically, home buying has propelled furniture buying. And the already tight housing market paired with rising interest rates has concerned many in the industry. On the bright side, the desire to upgrade current homes is what is driving the majority of consumers to purchase new bedroom furniture. In a consumer survey conducted by FurnitureCore, 40.28% of respondents answered that replacing old furniture is what motivated them to make their most recent bedroom purchase, followed by buying a new house at 22.38%, desire for a new style at 15.51%, desire for new function at 11.01% and change in size of family (addition of a child, child moved out, etc.) at 10.84%. Rather than upgrading into a new house or even downsizing, many are staying put and enhancing the homes they have to fit new styles and needs.

Modern and contemporary styles are continuing to grow in popularity, offering more minimalist bed frames that allow for bigger beds to fit in a room. Statement headboards have become a focal point alongside versatile designs that are made well and will last through changing trends. Marge Carson has had success with its fully customizable Palo Alto Contemporary Bed. “At the recent High Point Market, people were buying these beds in multiples. It strikes a chord because it is a modern profile with a lot of softness and comfort,” said CEO Jim LaBarge.

When asked about the primary style of furniture in their bedroom, 39.22% of consumers surveyed said traditional but that was closely followed by contemporary at 35.87%. Of the remaining 25%, 6.97% answered country/rustic, followed by country/European at 5.55%, transitional at 5.16%, mission/shaker at 4.26% and cottage at 2.97%.

The statement headboard incorporated with upholstery has proven successful for AICO and CEO and designer Michael Amini. “I designed this bed with the intent to bring sophistication and sleekness to any home,” said Amini. “When customers respond positively to a particular piece that we have created, as in the case of the Marin Panel Bed, it shows that quality as well as design sense have prevailed and that makes all of us proud.”

While upholstery is showing up among best sellers, many consumers still prefer wood or wood mixed with upholstery accents. During a FurnitureCore survey, when consumers were asked why they chose a wood bed over an upholstered bed in their most recent bedroom purchase, 66.82% said they preferred the look of wood, 9.87% were concerned about keeping an upholstered bed clean, 9.42% were concerned that an upholstered bed would become dated quickly, 9.42% did not find an upholstered bed they liked, 5.16% were concerned about the quality of an upholstered bed and the remaining 21.30% did not consider an upholstered bed.

As more consumers are looking for sustainable and environmentally safe products, Greenington has enjoyed success with its Ventura collection, made from solid Amber bamboo. “We are very excited about the solid performance of Ventura as it has earned a place in our top sellers. We look forward to introducing other intriguing designs in Amber,” said Troy Lerew, vice president of sales. Whether it is lighter, minimalist wood pieces that do not overwhelm the room or upholstered headboards that add depth and softness or a combination of the two, manufacturers and retailers are offering something for everyone.

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