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Giving a bedroom a “wake up call” is easier and more personal than ever before. With endless wood species, finishes, and hardware customization options, each bedroom is a blank canvas dreaming of potential. This is all made possible thanks to leading manufacturers and designers who are open to innovations in the category with a “make it your own” feel.

The category is stable and growing along with consumer confidence, which gives retailers an added boost when presenting their merchandise on the sales floor. Based on a FurnitureCore industry model developed by Impact Consulting Services, parent company to Home Furnishings Business, research shows that the category is off to a good start for 2019, growing $.03 billion in the first quarter 2019 over the first quarter 2018 alone. As you may guess, when polled on which bedroom furniture piece attracted the consumer most during their shopping experience, 61.54% of consumers reported that a bed drew them in, followed by dresser at 16.45%, night stand at 4.49%, chest at 3.21%, and armoire at 1.92%. 12.39% reported ‘other.’ But how are manufacturers shaping the category and moving it forward?

Take Taylor King, for example. They have taken customization to the next level by including many options in the starting price of their products at the retail level, making it easier for retail sales associates to confidently discuss options with the consumer. Del Starnes, president, says, “Ease-of-ordering tear sheets further simplify the process and eliminate confusion in the ordering process. Simply put, Taylor Made Beds are successful because of these factors— unlimited styling options, impeccable quality, availability in our expansive offering of fabrics and leathers, and ease of pricing and ordering.”

Another great model for the category is Bramble, who has tackled the growing industry concern of increased tariffs and sourcing at its core while keeping customization and price awareness on the table. Says Rob Bramble, owner, "Since the quota came into force, which has now been compounded by the tariffs, retailers are having significant issues sourcing well priced, great looking bedroom groups. We at Bramble are perfectly positioned to solve their bedroom needs. Building only from solid mahogany in our own facility means that rather than rushing to find new suppliers or settle for product that does not match the look or quality of our other offerings, we can continue to provide high quality bedroom groups at a superb value. Whether our customers are buying from our extensive Quick Ship collection or specifying any of our 100 finishes on custom or container orders, we manage the process from start to finish. We are perfectly placed to capitalize on the opportunities in this category and deliver great margins for our customers."  

Other manufacturers are modernizing the bedroom by adding tech friendly touches with the addition of charging stations and lights to nightstands and other pieces. The bedroom is now the place where we go to tuck ourselves in at night with our phones on the charger while we stream our favorite Netflix shows, peruse emails, or finish up other items from our day until we fall asleep. Based on the same FurnitureCore study, when consumers were polled in activities that occur in the bedroom, 75.85% of consumers reported watching T.V., 75.64% read in bed, 45.51% continue to work on the computer, 26.92% pay bills, 13.89% continue school work, and 18.80% continue work brought home from the office (multiple answers allowed). It’s no small wonder these advances in technology have crept into the bedroom with more to come, no doubt. So rest easy, the category is evolving and is on the rise!

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