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By Larry Thomas

Buoyed by an HGTV show that showcases their down-to-earth personalities and practical style preferences, Drew and Jonathan Scott charged onto the home furnishings scene a year ago with a 400-SKU collection that become an instant hit at Coaster.

This year, the twin brothers are back with an additional 250 SKUs that was a hit at the recent Las Vegas Market, as buyers again crowded into the expansive Coaster showroom to marvel at the expanded Scott Living lineup and get a selfie with the brothers.

The product additions feature a mix of materials, textures and finishes focusing on natural and organic roots as well as mixed media with an industrial flair and a clean and sleek contemporary look. The collection includes a variety of pieces that allow buyers an opportunity to create finished rooms or find a unique piece to add to their existing décor.

Dining room sets retail at $599 and up, five-piece bedroom sets start at $2,499, sofas open at $699 and accents start at $199.

But the Scotts didn’t stop there. They also ventured to the Restonic showroom in Las Vegas to take more selfies with buyers and unveil the Scott Living mattress line. It features innerspring, hybrid and latex sleep sets that retail from $1,099 to $2,199. 

Just like their hit TV show, “Property Brothers,” the Scotts aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty when it comes to designing furniture and mattresses.  They say they’re heavily involved in the entire development process, and it’s more than just their name on the carton.

“We are thrilled our collection with Coaster has continued to grow and remains one of the most popular home furnishing collections available,” Drew said.

During their visit to the Coaster showroom, Drew and Jonathan took a break between selfies and sat down to chat with Larry Thomas, senior business editor of Home Furnishings Business.

Home Furnishings Business: Why has this line been so successful?

Drew: Everyone who has watched our shows over the years knows that we hold dear our principles of helping families. So when you take what you see on our shows and you push that into our different collections with Scott Living, I think that’s what gets people really excited.

Jonathan: We try to think about how real families, real homeowners will use all of our products. We get a half-million messages a week each from of our fans on social media…and they tell us what they’re looking for. We’re trying to push the boundaries so people can get a little bit more, but at the same time, give them stuff that’s going to last.

Drew: Also, I don’t know if you saw the fine print on the box, but it says ‘free kitchen renovation with every furniture purchase’.” (laughter)

HFB: Are you trying to reach the interior design community with this line? 

Jonathan: We work with local designers in every community we go to. And a lot of their clients feel that a lot of the beautiful stuff they see out there is not within reach. We’ve said to them, we can give them the quality, we can push the boundaries of design, keep people on trend and still make it attainable for the average family. We’re trying to bridge that gap between what designers want and what consumers want….and I think we’ve successfully done that.

Drew: We never want someone to look at something a family would love to have in their home and never be able to attain that. So, Scott Living is something like you will see on our show. We really know how to stretch a budget, and we know how to give you that wow factor and that function you need.

I think one thing people are starting to realize, as they look at us as designers, is that design doesn’t have to mean extremely expensive. It doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank just to have a beautiful piece of furniture in your home.

Jonathan: Drew’s shoe collection, on the other hand, that is really expensive. (laughter) But I think we’ve really raised the bar, and by watching shows on HGTV, (homeowners) have really raised the bar with their expectations, so you have to jump high these days if you’re going to get over that bar.

HFB: Are you pleased with the reception so far to the line?

Drew: What means a lot to me is that, when we’re at market, we have industry people, industry experts, coming up to us and saying you guys are changing the mold; you guys are breathing fresh life into the furniture and décor design world. That’s what excites me. And we see that on the consumer side when they’re buying our product.

If you ever buy one of our products, post a picture of it in your space, hashtag ScottLiving, because we will engage with you. We will interact with you. We want to see how you’re using it.

Jonathan: It’s all about the little details (such as) technology and storage. All of these little things, we try to infuse in the style.  

To see a video of the full interview, go to

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